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If you have multiple switches right next to each other in the same frame (🇸🇪 multifack) then this is the collection for you.  With the round inserts it's also a great way to mix and match finishes, even for single frames.

Note that when composing the modular system, everything for a given unit (faceplate and inserts) is to be ordered from this page (original collection items will not fit in the modular faceplates).  

Material metal
 Single frame 86x86mm; Double frame 158x86mm; Triple frame 230x86mm
  • flush (🇸🇪 "infällt") with standard 70mm Swedish/EU wall boxes
  • single frame only may be surface mounted (🇸🇪 "utanpåliggande") with our Box
Mix and match the following:

  • Single frame
  • Double frame
  • Triple frame
  • Wall outlet/socket (🇸🇪 "uttag")
  • Flick switch
  • Double Flick Switch 
  • Touch Dimmer (🇸🇪 "återfjädrande")  (compatible with Plejd)
  • Double Touch  (🇸🇪 "dubbelåterfjädrande") (compatible with Plejd)
  • Dim
  • Dim 700 *
  • Double Dim *
  • Ethernet outlet
  • TV-/FM outlet 
  • Single USB
  • Double USB
*Dim 700 and Double Dim are not suitable for LED.  See technical details under the appropriate products in the Original Collection.  But again, make your order here!

All our products are CE-marked

When ordering, be sure to fill in the Plate and the Insert finishes in the message at checkout.  Mixing and matching is encouraged!

Modular Finishes
  • Polished brass  
  • Brushed brass
  • Brushed brass with border (single plate only!!)
  • White (main plate only!!)
  • Chrome
  • Brushed steel
  • Brushed steel with border (single plate only!!)
  • Satin
  • Pewter
  • Mirror black
Standard control item (buttons on dimmers and switches) colours are as follows (get in touch if you want to change these, depending on the project we may need to charge a small extra fee):
  • Chrome on Pewter, Satin, Brushed steel, chrome elements
  • Black on mirror black elements
  • Polished brass on brass elements