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World, meet the Switchbox Oak Collection!  Laser-cut wood frames on top of our usual high-tech hardware.  

Material wood
Measures 86x86mm
Lighting type Dimmers and switches suitable for all types of lighting 
Connection 2-way grounded
Installation flush (🇸🇪 "infällt") with standard 70mm Swedish/EU wall boxes, fixing screws 60mm C-C or surface mounted (🇸🇪 "utanpåliggande") with our Box

Standard products (Others may be available, please ask!)

  • Flip switch
  • Double flip switch
  • Dim
  • Double Dim (not suitable for LED)
  • Socket (flush-mounted / 🇸🇪 "infällt" only)

Include a message with your order with the colour you would like as well as the hardware you would like.  

  • Frames are dark oak or light oak (We also have birch and in some cases bamboo, not shown here)
  • Flip buttons silver, black or gold
  • Screws silver or gold
  • Dimmer buttons Gold, Chrome, Brushed steel, black

All our products are CE-marked.

Please read the following carefully:

Delivery time approximately 2 weeks.  

Since batches can differ in colour and grain direction, we strongly suggest ordering all your items at the same time.

Dim and Double Dim frames sit tight to the wall.  Flip and Socket have a slight (1-2mm) gap from the wall due to their construction.

Wood products are produced in demand and therefore not returnable.