Plejd System - Control Switchbox with an App

Want to control Switchbox with an app?  We have the perfect solution!  Plejd is an award-winning solution that works seamlessly with our Touch dimmer fronts.  

The products are installed by a certified electrician, but require no renovation of your home to start controlling your first room. You can easily control your lighting either from the Plejd app or as usual from the Switchbox Touch.


  • The app is a complement to your traditional light switch. It works as a simple tool to configure and control the lighting in your home.
  • Create lighting scenarios that suit every moment, and control them from the switch, the app, or at a predetermined time. 
  • Smart timers make it possible to schedule your lighting just the way you want it - for example, to follow sunrise and sunset.

Switchbox with Plejd - smart and good looking.  What a combo!