Modular System

Step 1: Choose your frame

Type Shucko

Material metal ring, plastic insert

Capacity 16A Shucko

Safety grounded, plastic guards, CE-marked

Note With our system, each plug needs a separate wallbox (🇸🇪 "väggdosa") so doubles require two 70mm boxes beside one another, triples three. Even if you have double outlets now, you may only have one wallbox. Check with your electrician if you are unsure!

Hi there!

It looks like you are building a double or triple socket 🔌! But if you are replacing a socket that looks like one of these:

Then chances are you only have one wall mounting box (🇸🇪 ”väggdosa”), and with our system that means a single socket (single frame plus one socket insert). For double or triple sockets you will need 2 round 70mm mounting boxes beside each other in the wall.

Still not sure? Send us a photo by email or speak with your electrician!

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Step 2: Choose your component(s)