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Pastels, retro... if that's your cup of tea then these are your switches!  Perfect for kids rooms or anywhere with a little more relaxed atmosphere.

Material metal
Measures 86x86mm
Lighting type Dimmers and switches suitable for all types of lighting 
Connection 2-way grounded
Installation flush (🇸🇪 "infällt") with standard 70mm Swedish/EU wall boxes, fixing screws 60mm C-C 

Standard products (Others may be available, please ask!)
  • Flick switch (only in brushed steel)
  • Double Flick Switch (only in brushed steel
  • Flip switch
  • Double flip switch
  • Dim
  • Dim 700 *
  • Double Dim *
*Dim 700 and Double Dim are not suitable for LED.  See technical details under the appropriate products in the Original Collection.  But again, make your order here!

Include a message with your order with the colour you would like as well as the hardware you would like.  
  • Frames are pink, vanilla, blue, green, brushed steel.  We also have a white plastic, slightly different shape and not shown here.
  • Flip buttons are always white
  • Screws silver or gold
  • Dimmer buttons Gold, Chrome, Brushed steel, pink, blue, vanilla, green

All our products are CE-marked