Here's a list of the questions we get most often!


Resellers and Showroom, Samples

Do you have resellers/sell via wholesalers?

We have found that the most effective way to offer you the best service and selection is by selling to you directly.  We don't, in other words, work with resellers.  

Do you have a showroom where I can see the products live?

Not right now, but stay tuned to our Instagram for announcements!

Can I get samples?

For private buyers, we suggest you buy the items you want to look at and return them if you need to afterwards.

For architects, larger electrical firms, house building companies, property management firms and the like, we offer sample boxes.  Get in touch with us and describe your projects and business and we will put together something for you!  

Where can I see a comparison of all the finishes?

Click here!  And check our instagram @switchbox.se for loads of inspiration!



Can I change my dimmers/switches/outlets myself?  

There are regulations around what a homeowner can do themselves.  In Sweden, Elsäkerhetsverket publishes those in Swedish here.  Generally speaking, unless you are really confident in working safely with electricity, we would recommend calling an electrician.  It's a small investment for peace of mind.

Can Switchbox install my products for me?

We don't have our own electricians but we may be able put you in touch with firms who can help!  

Are your product IP-classed?  Can I use Switchbox products in bathrooms?

Our products have no specific IP classification.  Whether they can be used in bathrooms typically depends on the distance from the shower or bathtub.  Always follow the guidance from your electrician as they are responsible for the final installation.

Do I need special wall boxes ("väggdosa") for Switchbox?

Good news here, all of our products are made for EU standard measurements and installations.  Which means that you can use normal, round 70mm Swedish/EU backing boxes ("väggdosa") with 60mm distance between the mounting screws.  For modular products, these are to be installed tight to one another.

How do your modular products fit together?

You can find a mounting diagram here.

What about your double sockets?

It's very often we see, in Sweden at least, double sockets that are fitted in just one backing box ("väggdosa").  With our system, we need one backing box ("väggdosa") for each contact.  For double sockets, we need two backing boxes right beside one another.  If you only have one (and there is no possibility to set in another), then we can offer single sockets.  If you are in doubt, please get in touch with us before ordering or speak to your electrican.

Do you have floor heating thermometers?  Motion detectors?  Lamp plugs (those little ones!)?

Coming soon!


Technical and Safety

Are Switchbox products CE-marked?

Yes they are. We can provide certificates of conformity from our factory should you require.  By the way, our products are all made in Europe!

Are Switchbox products grounded?

Yes the majority of them are.  The exceptions are Marble switches and dimmers, and Oak dimmers.

Are your dimmers LED-compatible?

All of our dimmers with the exception of Double Dim (in both the Classic and modular collections) are LED compatible.  If you need a double dimmer, consider a Double Touch dimmer (see more below).

Standard Switchbox dimmers don't have the capacity I need, what should I do?

The short answer is get in touch!  There are very few dimming situations we can't handle.

I need spring-loaded ("återfjädrande") switches, what should I choose?  How does dimming with them work?

Our products called "Touch" in both Modular and Original collections are spring-loaded.  None of our other switches can operate spring-loaded.  

Note that Touch products cannot dim lights on their own, they need to be connected to some sort of backing dimmer or driver.  You can buy these separately or from us, we sell a fantastic Swedish system called Plejd.  

Regardless of what system you choose, the typical way they work is that to dim a light up or down, the user holds the button in.  To just turn the light on at the last dimming level, a quick touch is sufficient.  (Plejd offers lots of really cool features beyond this though, such as double clicking for a chosen scenario.)

I want to control my lights with an app/voice commands, can you help?

We sell a system called Plejd and recommend you look into it here.  The app can be used within your house to control lights and scenarios, and from anywhere you want even outside your house if you use the Plejd Gateway.  

Plejd also really recently released compatibility with voice assistants.  We recently shocked even our own partner electrician when we demoed this function.  You'll need the gateway for this.

Get in touch and we will help you build up your smart home lighting solution!



Where and how do you ship? 

Most of our orders go out with DHL, you will get a mail from our shipping platform when your order goes out (this mail often goes into junk mail unfortunately!).

We ship anywhere in Europe where our products are approved for use according to CE-marking.

Shipping is free of charge within Sweden for orders over 3000SEK.

Can I pick up my order?

We don't offer this option.


Returns, Exchanges, Guarantee

Are your products subject to the right of return ("öppet köp")?

Yes they are, the few exceptions are noted in the product description.  You have 14 days from the date of receipt to arrange return.  Because of electrical safety, we cannot take previously connected products back and therefore we test closely for signs they have been installed.

How do I return?

Contact us at info@switchbox.se for instructions.  The buyer is responsible for the return shipping.  Please ship with delivery to businesses ("företagspaket").  We cannot guarantee processing of packages left at for example PostNord pick-up.

Once we have gone through your order we will refund you via the same payment method you paid with.

If you were eligible for free shipping before the return but made a partial return that put you under the limit, we will debit you freight costs in accordance with European webshop regulations.

How do I exchange?

Place a new order on the items you want to have instead, and contact us for a return of the ones you want (see above).

What guarantee do you offer?

Our products are covered by a 5-year guarantee.  Obviously this guarantee is limited to the correct usage and installation of the product.  It is also limited to the product themselves, that is to say in no case do we take responsibility of the costs of the installation, connected equipment, etc.


Press Requests

If you are looking for details or high-resolution pictures for press reasons, please contact us.